Addison County Community Trust

The Addison County Community Trust (ACCT) works to provide affordable housing to the low- and middle-income people of Addison County, including working families, seniors, and individuals. Our goal is to enable people who live in Addison County and earn less than 100% of median income to continue living here, in the face of rising housing costs. We do so in three major ways: by managing non-profit mobile home parks, developing new affordable rental opportunities, and providing 20% downpayment grants so families can afford to buy homes.

An important aspect of the Trust's mission is its dedication to green building and smart growth ideals--an effort we've been awarded for by Smart Growth Vermont, in addition to receiving other national recognition. When developing housing, the Trust uses designs that preserve and maximize open spaces by concentrating housing around downtown areas, such as we have done in Middlebury South Village and Green Woods Village. This prevents excessively consumptive patterns of land use, fragmented landscapes, and restrictive means of transportation, all of which can reduce the quality of life for Vermonters. A smart growth pattern instead concentrates development around town centers that are mixed use, pedestrian oriented, served by public facilities and services, and that provide centers for healthy community life. ACCT collaborates with the State of Vermont and Smart Growth Vermont to achieve these objectives in its building practices. For more information on smart growth, visitors can also refer to the Vermont Smart Growth Collaborative.

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PO Box 311
Vergennes, Vermont  05491
Phone: (802) 877-2626
Fax: (802) 877-2627


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