Agricultural and Community Trustupdated: July 2011

ACT is a private, non-profit organization working to conserve land and resources. Landowners may work with ACT when they wish to permanently protect the ecological, agricultural, scenic, or historic qualities of their land.

ACT provides many services to the landowner. ACT helps choose a strategy that meets the landowner's conservation and financial needs. ACT may own the property or hold a conservation easement. The landowner may benefit from reductions in both state and federal taxes. Lastly, ACT stewards protected lands forever.

ACT's Mission

Agricultural and Community Trust (ACT) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We exist to alleviate the physical, economic, social and ecological causes of deterioration in both rural and urban communities. We:

  • Promote access to land, housing and productive resources for low-income people and others who are disadvantaged in their efforts to meet their basic needs;
  • Preserve and protect agricultural and open space lands;
  • Promote the conservation and ecologically responsible use of land and other resources;
  • Support the development of a stable and productive economic base in and for local communities; and
  • Encourage economic development which promotes local investment.

ACT acquires land, houses and other structural improvements through purchase, gift or a combination ("bargain sale"). Land is held by ACT in perpetual trust, meaning the intention is never to allow its lands to be resold. Land stewards, often another non-profit organization, are responsible for caretaking the land, following a land trust agreement. ACT's role is then to monitor the organization to ensure that the land is cared for properly.

Contact Agricultural and Community Trust

80574 Hazelton Road
Cottage Grove, Oregon  97424
Phone: (541) 942-8198


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Oregon

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