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The Algoma Highlands Conservancy (AHC) is a group of like-minded individuals who voluntarily contribute their time, energy and skills to a variety of projects related to our four fundamental principals – conservation, environmental education, silent sport recreation, and sustainable forestry. As a bi-national, not-for-profit group, with charitable organization status in both Canada and the USA, we work with many partners and focus our efforts on the Algoma Highlands area in northern Ontario.

This area of incredible natural beauty rises more than 430 m (almost 1300 ft) above Lake Superior, which is aptly referred to as our "inland sea". While the Algoma Highlands are not a true wilderness, they certainly retain a wild, natural aura. The mixed wood forests, lakes, streams, beaver ponds as well as the towering massifs and rock outcrops are home to a wide variety of plant and wildlife species. These include both rare plants and animals that are iconic of the Canadian wilderness such as moose, bear, timber wolves, otters, woodpeckers, eagles and loons.

The area around Stokely Creek and King Mountain is also internationally renowned as one of the premier cross-country ski destinations in North America, with an extensive trail system and lodge that is enjoyed by thousands of Nordic and back-country skiers, as well as by an increasing number of snow shoe enthusiasts each year.

The ultimate goal of the AHC is to conserve the unique beauty and ecological integrity of key areas within the Algoma Highlands region, creating sanctuaries that protect the ecological function and habitat requirements of many native plant and animal species. At the same time, we wish to encourage human access and visitation to these areas both for low impact recreational use and enhanced understanding and appreciation of the natural wonders of the highlands area. All those interested in bird watching, wildlife photography, silent sport recreation, or simply communing with nature to clear the mind and soothe the soul are encouraged to join us in our conservation efforts.

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Contact Algoma Highlands Conservancy

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