Carolyn S. Wollenupdated: August 2013

As an estate planning attorney, Carolyn has survived more “tax reform acts” than she cares to remember, starting with the 1976 Tax Reform Act when she was a young associate in a boutique trusts and estates firm in New York City. She jokes that her Masters Degree in Taxation from New York University Law School should have been issued with an expiration date. But in December 2010, she was e-mailing particular clients who might be interested to know that they had approximately 14 days to take advantage of a quirk in the tax law enacted on December 17th by the U. S. Congress and in January 2011, she was working on the firm’s ALERT to advise clients generally of the new U. S. estate tax regime, effective for only the next two years.

Carolyn’s estate planning clients, who primarily reside in either New York or Maine, rely on her years of experience in working with many different kinds of estate plans, both extremely complicated and relatively simple, high net worth and middle income, professionals and those who don’t have regular employment, grandparents and children just turning 21. Her experiences with the administration of estates, either as the executor or as the attorney for the executor, and with trusteeships reflect the same kind of wide range of assets, tax issues and personal family issues. 

Carolyn balances the time devoted to her legal practice with her responsibilities as a trustee of the Betterment Fund, a private charitable foundation which makes grants in the State of Maine. She attends a lot of meetings, both formal and informal, in pursuit of a better understanding of the issues facing Maine residents, particularly from the rural areas. She very much enjoys collaborating with other foundation folks in Maine and has served on the boards of the Maine Community Foundation and the Maine Philanthropy Center. She often makes presentations to groups about philanthropic issues.

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