Center for Invasive Species Eradication (CISE)updated: December 2014

Texas AgriLife Research and Texas AgriLife Extension Service through the Texas Water Resources Institute have established the Center for Invasive Species Eradication (CISE) at Texas A&M University to direct research, demonstrations, educational programs and direct treatment activities with a goal of eradicating noxious non-native plant species invading Texas.

CISE will develop relationships with federal, state and local entities to coordinate research, extension and management efforts that focus on developing systems for controlling and managing invasive species while working to prevent future infestations. Ongoing invasive species work in and around Texas will be complemented and leveraged through the CISE to develop the most effective and cost efficient systems for managing invasive species.

Invasive species are affecting aquatic, riparian and upland areas throughout the state, and critical habitats are at risk in many locations. The Texas Department of Agriculture currently lists 32 noxious weeds proliferating in Texas; giant salvinia, giant cane (Arundo donax), field bindweed, Chinese tallow and saltcedar (Tamarisk spp.) are some of the most potent invaders. The focus of the center is to develop invasive species eradication techniques, coordinate local, state and federal efforts to manage invasive species and to deliver proven treatment and management information through enhanced education and management programs.

Contact Center for Invasive Species Eradication (CISE)

Contact Center for Invasive Species Eradication (CISE)

Texas Water Resources Institute
1500 Research Parkway A110
2260 TAMU
College Station, Texas  77843-2260
Phone: 979.845.1851
Fax: 979.845.0662


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