Continental Divide Land Trust

Since 1994, Continental Divide Land Trust has been dedicated to preserving open space in central Colorado through land preservation agreements, stewardship and public education. We protect the natural lands, forests, meadows, rivers, wetlands, wildlife habitat, ranch lands, and rural landscapes that epitomize the beauty of Colorado and contribute to a healthy and sustainable future for our community.

Our primary land preservation tool is a land preservation agreement, also known as a Conservation Easement, in which the Land Trust takes on the stewardship responsibility to conserve, monitor, enforce, and defend that land forever. As caretakers of the land, we are responsible for keeping open spaces natural for the enjoyment of current and future generations. We work within our community to educate and inform the public about the value and benefits of conservation easements and to gain their involvement and support through membership donations, volunteer opportunities, and participation at CDLT events. Continental Divide Land Trust has negotiated and accepted land preservation agreements that allow us to permanently protect over 2,600 acres in fifteen conservation easements.

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Continental Divide Land Trust: Mission and History

Continental Divide Land Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 1994 by a group of concerned citizens who felt that rapid growth was diminishing the quality of life in Summit County, Colorado.

In September 1997, the Land Trust received its first donation – the McCullough Gulch Open Space Conservation Easement.

The mission statement of CDLT is:

“Continental Divide Land Trust permanently preserves and protects the irreplaceable natural areas in and around Summit County for current and future generations, through land preservation agreements, acquisitions, and public education.”

Through land preservation agreements, conservation easements, stewardship and public education, we protect natural lands, water, wildlife habitat and rural mountain landscapes. In so doing, CDLT contributes to a healthy future for Summit County and the surrounding area by guarding the natural assets that support the economic base and quality of life that sustains our community.

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Rachel Winkler
Program Manager
106 N. French St., #210-3
PO Box 4488
Breckenridge, Colorado  80443-4488
Phone: (970) 453-3875


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  • Summit County, Colorado

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