Denman Conservancy Association
The Denman Conservancy Association is a volunteer organization formed to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment of Denman Island.
Goals established in 1991:
  1. To work with island residents and land owners to assist in developing innovative ways to protect the natural environment and island lifestyles
  2. To promote greater public awareness of the need for a strong ethic of land stewardship 
  3. To support the work of the Forestry Committee of Denman Island and the Community Forest Standards 
  4. To preserve significant scenic, woodland, farming, foreshore, historical and ecological sites 
  5. To support and conduct land inventories as a basis for understanding the best stewardship practices for the island 
  6. To conduct educational programs and explore options in the field of small scale community-based development 
  7. To support Denman Island's Official Community Plan and the Mandate and Policy of the Islands Trust 
  8. To raise funds through charitable and public donations which are to be used to purchase land consistent with the Society's conservation objectives.

Contact Denman Conservancy Association

David Critchley
Box 60
Denman Island , British Columbia  V0R 1T0
Phone: 250-335-2868

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