Fred Oskanianupdated: July 2012

ISA member, Certified Arborist

Our tree service and tree care program will take the following steps to make sure your trees stay healthy:

  • Cut carefully selected branches just to their main trunk, so there is not a large wound to heal
  • Crowning can cause the bark to get too much sun, which can burn like our skin; we plan our cuts to keep the bark in the shade
  • Crowning can cause the tree to actually grow taller, as it tries to replace leaves to survive. Our tree service and care trims just the tall branches that are not necessary

Terra Landscaping understands that trees need to be understood and treated with care. After all, some of them have been here longer than us, and with our care, they can be here for many more. They improve the value of your home, they remove thousands of pounds of pollutants each year, and they exhale oxygen. So hug a tree, and let Terra Landscape help you keep them around to do their job!

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