Georgia-Alabama Land Trust

We are the Landowners Land Trust.

Alabama Land Trust has merged resources with the Georgia Land Trust

The Georgia-Alabama Land Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) conservation organization dedicated to protecting land for present and future generations, primarily by helping private landowners establish conservation easements on farm and forest lands.

Our current area of operation is statewide throughout both Alabama and Georgia. We are also licensed to operate and hold easements in North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi. (Several projects have required that we operate on both sides of a State line).

If you are in the states of Alabama and Georgia and need help with a conservation easement or advisement on pursuing land protection, please contact us. We or one of our local land trust partners can help you with your conservation easement.

Our organizations operate in accordance with the Land Trust Alliance's Standards & Practices and are among the first land trusts nationally to begin LTA's accreditation process. Our adherence to the Standards and Practices ensures that you will receive ethical, professional advisement and that our operations are undertaken in accordance with the most recent best management practices promulgated by the LTA and the various governmental entities that have a say in the rules governing conservation easements.

We are also pursuing certification of our land trusts in accordance with the recent initiative launched by the Land Trust Alliance. We performed a pilot test run with the assistance of LTA that helped structure the current program, and are launching our official accreditation in 2008.

Organizationally, we have been responding to the loss of landscapes for almost 15 years and we have had areas on which we focused—working lands, riparian corridors, lands linking other protected lands—but we have never had an explicitly stated strategic vision. The 5 year goals set out by this process are:
1. Protect an additional 65,000 acres to reach a total of 125,000 acres conserved, concentrating on areas where communities are interested in working and in connecting conserved lands in contiguous tracts. (Click link for a progress report on this goal: 100k.htm)
2. Achieve the reputation for being the land trust of choice for landowners, partners, volunteers and staff. (See The Landowners Land Trust.)
3. Achieve accreditation from the Land Trust Alliance.
4. Raise sufficient funds to accomplish our work. (You can help: Land Conservation Donation Form .)

This ambitious vision is driven in part by a rigorous emphasis on meeting all the standards and practices of the Land Trust Alliance, outreach to and collaborative activities with other land conservation organizations (including additional contractual relationships), expanding capabilities through community organizations, and on ensuring that the organization achieves bedrock financial stability. All of these goals and particularly the latter must be met to ensure continued high levels of stewardship throughout the perpetual obligation to lands that owners have seen fit to protect.


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Contact Georgia-Alabama Land Trust

Katherine Eddins
Executive Director
226 Old Ladiga Road
Piedmont, Alabama  36272
Phone: (256) 447-1006
Cell Phone: (404) 861-8567
Fax: (256) 447-0008


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Statewide service provider in:
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