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Approximately 6.8 Million Acres of Working Forests

As one of the nation’s largest private landowners, Plum Creek safeguards approximately 6.8 million acres of land. As stewards of these working forests, we work daily to enhance their value and to provide continuous economic, environmental and public benefits.
Responsible, Sustainable Management

Through the responsible growing and harvesting of trees, we meet the public’s need for wood, forest products and energy while providing jobs and other economic support to the communities where we operate.

Natural Carbon Cycle

Our working forests are part of the natural carbon cycle, and help reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) by providing biomass, which when used for energy, releases captured CO2 back into the atmosphere to be re-absorbed by growing plants and trees in a natural cycle.


Plum Creek’s working forests provide habitat protection for wildlife and fish, and green spaces for people to enjoy through recreational access and leases.

Today, the company manages one-quarter of its ownership under conservation agreements with various organizations and government agencies, and has helped to permanently conserve nearly 1.5 million acres of lands with unique historical, recreational and habitat values.

Contact Gregory P. Knight

Contact Gregory P. Knight

Plum Creek
Resource Supervisor
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Brookhaven, Mississippi  39601
Phone: 601-833-0393
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Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lincoln County, Mississippi

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