Gringo Dave's Irrigation & L/S
GRINGO DAVE'S is everyone's first choice for Design, Installation, Modification and Repair of:
- Residential and Commercial Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Systems 
- Stormwater Drainage and Landscape Drainage Systems
Think of us as your "outdoor plumbers".  We also specialize in Residential and Commercial Landscape Lighting Systems!
Whether it's a newly designed and installed sprinkler or drip system; modifications to your existing system; or repair and troubleshooting the mysteries of your older system, Gringo Dave's is here to make your sprinklers perform at their best possible condition. We are SMART Water System experts, including design and installation of water-saving irrigation components, on-site weather station or satellite-based irrigation controllers, and weather-related irrigation sensors. For the life of your system, we WILL save you water and money!
Gringo Dave's is ALSO your stormwater and landscape drainage system specialist. We WILL solve the problem of standing water and swampy areas in your yard.
It's a cold, hard fact - the longer you wait to take care of a drainage problem, the more damage your property will sustain.
We install French drains, sump pumps, rock drains and solid piping drains to make sure your property is protected ... Or rainwater harvesting systems and rain gardens to save every drop! We know the laws and always watch out for your best interest in draining water off of your property.

Contact Gringo Dave's Irrigation & L/S

5601 Cedars Rd.
Suite E
Redding,   96001
Phone: (530) 244-7130

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