Lake Clear Conservancyupdated: November 2010

About Us

The Lake Clear Conservancy (LCC) is a land trust.  A Land Trust is a non-profit, charitable organizations which have as one of their core activities the acquisition of land or interests in land (like conservation easements) for the purpose of conservation.

The hallmark of a land trust is the direct action they take to protect the local land base, and that they hold those lands or conservation easements in trust for future generations.

Land trusts and conservancies are generally local in scope and operation, but may be provincial, regional or even national. 

The LCC protects land and water strictly for public benefit.

Land trusts focus on conserving the biological values of land, but across the continent land trusts have been established to protect scenic, historical, agricultural, and recreational lands as well.

The LCC is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the ecological health and natural beauty of Lake Clear and its watershed, as well as its cultural heritage.

How does the LCC work?
The LCC is a member driven volunteer based organization.  Work is carried out by various interest/project committees comprised of board members and other interested volunteers.

The LCC depends upon the volunteering of its members.  Funds come from membership fees, grants, cash/in-kind donations and fundraising events such as the golf tournament.

Its volunteer board are elected at the August annual general meeting.  Activities, charter and financial statements are matters of public record and are monitored by government.  Should the corporation become defunct, its assets must be donated to a like minded organization such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Contact Lake Clear Conservancy

Wayne Gorman
PO Box 141
Eganville, Ontario  K0J 1T0
Phone: (613) 754-2605
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