Land Trust for Tennesseeupdated: August 2009
Our region has seen significant growth in recent years, and our communities continue to blossom, bringing new businesses and drawing new residents. But the very reason many people live in Tennessee - its rich history, green rolling hills, scenic landscapes, open farmland and rural back roads - must now actively be preserved or these precious unique characteristics will be lost.

The Land Trust, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, works exclusively with willing landowners to find ways to preserve forever the scenic and natural values of their land. Our main tool for ensuring this preservation is called a conservation easement, and it is an alternative to just selling the land for development. A conservation easement allows a willing landowner to achieve three important goals:

  • keep ownership of the land,
  • preserve the important assets of the land through customized restrictions on future development, and
  • obtain certain tax advantages

Other conservation options may also be available. Working with us, private landowners can protect the special qualities of their land, while meeting their important personal and financial needs.

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