North Carolina's Clean Water Management Trust Fundupdated: September 2011
North Carolina's Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) was established by the General Assembly in 1996 (Article 18; Chapter 113A of the North Carolina General Statutes). At the end of each fiscal year, 6.5% of the unreserved credit balance in North Carolina's General Fund (or a minimum of $30 million) will go into the CWMTF. Revenues from the CWMTF will then be allocated in the form of grants to local governments, state agencies and conservation non-profits to help finance projects that specifically address water pollution problems. The 21-member, independent, CWMTF Board of Trustees has full responsibility over the allocation of moneys from the Fund. CWMTF will fund projects that (1) enhance or restore degraded waters, (2) protect unpolluted waters, and/or (3) contribute toward a network of riparian buffers and greenways for environmental, educational, and recreational benefits.

The CWMTF provides grants to:

Enhance or restore degraded waters
  • Protect unpolluted waters
  • Contribute toward a network of riparian buffers and greenways for environmental, educational, and recreational benefits.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
  • Local governments
  • State agencies
  • Conservation non-profits
  • The Clean Water Management Trust Fund and Local Governments:
    A Valuable Resource
    Numbers of Grants Made to Local Government: (Municipalities, Counties, Other Local Government Agencies) 269 grants totaling $189.7 million - nearly half of the $438.1 million in CWMTF grants issued
    Types of Projects Funded:
  • Improvements to wastewater treatment & collection systems
  • Stormwater management
  • Repair of septic tanks and removal of straightpipes
  • Wetlands, riparian buffer and stream restoration
  • Acquisition of buffers, floodplains, wetlands, and greenways
  • Agricultural best management practices
  • CWMTF Quick Facts:
  • CWMTF is a voluntary, incentive-based water quality program.
  • A 21-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor and General Assembly review and fund/not fund all applications for grants.
  • CWMTF funds about one third of the requests that it receives.
  • CWMTF funds have leveraged over $643.3 million in private and other public funds.
  • The CWMTF has invested over $246.9 million in 237 projects to help local governments, state agencies, and land trusts acquire both conservation easements and land to protect riparian buffers, floodplains and wetlands from Lake Logan in Haywood County to Bird Island in Brunswick County.
  • CWMTF grants have contributed towards the protection of more than 237,366 acres and 2,908 miles of riparian buffers.
  • CWMTF’s grants enhance North Carolina’s quality of life and economy in addition to protecting water quality.
  • CWMTF estimates that over $10.5 billion is needed to protect and restore water quality in North Carolina.
  • For more information, contact Lisa Schell at (919) 716-0057

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