Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust
A citizen directed charitable non-profit, the ORMLT aims to maintain and manage a system of nature reserves. The Trust works through outreach and communications and other means to encourage all citizens to further protect and restore the natural environment of the Oak Ridges Moraine.

The Trust to date has secured over 3,317 acres of land with 26 registered conservation easements, 3 restricted covenants, 6 properties donated to the land trust for direct, fee simple ownership and 2 properties in joint ownership. Volunteers contributed over 2,500 hours in 2009 – time that if paid would amount to approximately $79,500 or nearly 2 person years of full-time employment.

One of many regional land trusts found throughout Canada, the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust is a member in good standing with the Ontario Land Trust Alliance and Canadian Land Trust Alliance and has adopted their Standards and Practices.

Contact Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust

Susan Walmer
Executive Director
13990 Dufferin Street North
The Gate House
King City, Ontario  L7B 1B3
Phone: 905-833-3171
Fax: 905-833-6619


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