Permanent Wetland Easement Programupdated: October 2012
The Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program (CWHP), in cooperation with the Wildlife Conservation Board's Inland Wetland Conservation Program, administers this program which pays willing landowners approximately 50-70% of their property's fair market value to purchase the farming and development rights in perpetuity. The landowner retains many rights including: trespass rights, the right to hunt and/or operate a hunting club, and the ability to pursue other types of undeveloped recreation (i.e. fishing, hiking, etc.). Easement landowners are required to follow a cooperatively developed wetland management plan and meet bi-annually with CWHP biologists to discuss habitat conditions and management.

Alternate Contacts:

John Thomson,
Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program
1812 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 445-3561

Peter Perrine
Wildlife Conservation Board
(916) 445-1109.

Contact Permanent Wetland Easement Program

Heidi West
Lead Coordinator - Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program
1812 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California  95811
Phone: (916) 445-3486


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