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The Salmon River Weed Management Area (SRWMA) was created in 1994 to bring together those responsible for weed management with in the Salmon River drainage; to develop common management objectives; facilitate effective treatment; integrate weed programs; and coordinate efforts along logical geographic boundaries with similar lands, use patterns, and problem weeds. This weed management area encompasses over 540,000 acres near the Idaho/Oregon border. Cooperating partners include private landowners, county government, state agencies, Nez Perce Biocontrol Center, federal land management agencies, and interested organizations and individuals.

The goals and mission of the SRWMA are for cooperators to work together in order to  successfully:

  • Establish control priorities
  • Establish specific weed management objectives
  • Create treatment zones within the Management Area
  • Treat individual weed species/infestations
  • Coordinate the use of resources and manpower
  • Develop common inventory techniques and mapping
  • Manage designated noxious weeds with an integrated  approach
  • Test the feasibility of new techniques and management strategies

County Contact Information
Idaho County Extension Office
Address: 320 W. Main, Room 3
Grangeville, ID  83530
Phone: (208) 983-2667
Fax: (208) 983-0251
Web Address:

Contact Salmon River Weed Management Area

Connie (Kahne) Jensen-Blyth
Idaho County Weed Superintendent
320 W. Main
Room 3
Grangeville, Idaho  83530
Phone: 208-983-2667
Cell Phone: 208-935-8810
Fax: 208-983-0251


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Idaho County, Idaho

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