Strafford Rivers Conservancy

The Strafford Rivers Conservancy is a regional land trust whose purpose is to protect the natural resources, beauty, and character of lands in Strafford County.

What is the Strafford Rivers Conservancy?
The Strafford Rivers Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving the natural beauty, resources, and character of Strafford County. The SRC achieves its mission through the promotion of conservation easements, education, and the acquisition and stewardship of land. The Strafford Rivers Conservancy works closely with all sectors of the community including public agencies, private landowners, businesses and other non-profit organizations.
How does the Strafford Rivers Conservancy achieve its mission?
The Strafford Rivers Conservancy is available to aid private landowners and others who are interested in land conservation. The organization protects natural beauty by working with the Strafford County communities to promote conservation, education, and stewardship.

The SRC educates landowners on the procedures for protecting their land through conservation easements or outright gifts of land, and provides guidance throughout the process. In addition, the Conservancy works with developers to create development plans that are both environmentally sensitive and economically viable.

The Strafford Rivers Conservancy holds many easements, which must be monitored, inspected, and enforced.


Contact Strafford Rivers Conservancy

Anna Boudreau
Executive Director
2 Washington St.
PO Box 623
Dover, New Hampshire  03821-0623
Phone: (603) 516-0772


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • New Hampshire

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