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If it's a mountain top outdoor experience you seek, Turkeycock Wildlife Management Area can provide it. This rugged, forested area, named for the mountain on which it is located, offers the opportunity to hunt, hike, and view wildlife from some of the highest elevations in the vicinity.


Elongated Turkeycock Mountain Wildlife Management Area lies along the ridge of Turkeycock Mountain northeast of Martinsville. Here, the mountain's ridge also forms the boundary between Franklin and Henry Counties, and the management area's 2,679 acres extend into both counties. The area is predominantly a forested landscape with several wildlife openings located throughout the WMA. Elevations range from 1,100 to over 1,700 feet. There are a number of small streams that drain the area and Scout Pond is located near the area's southwestern corner. Efforts to improve timber quality and create habitat diversity through the sale of timber, as market conditions allow, are the most efficient wildlife management options on this area.

Recreational Opportunities on this WMA

  • Hunting
  • Trapping
  • Primitive Camping
  • Warmwater Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
    • Horseback riding is not allowed during hunting seasons, except on Sundays from September 1 – January 15 and from April 1 – May 15
  • Birding


Turkeys, as you might expect, plus deer, raccoon, and squirrels are the species primarily hunted on the area. The black bear population is slowly expanding as well. Continuing management will enhance the habitat for these species as well as for a variety of non-game species found on the area.

Other Activities

Hiking, wildlife viewing and associated outdoor interests are additional opportunities on the management area. Nearby, in Franklin County, is Smith Mountain Lake and in Henry and Patrick Counties are Fairystone Lake and State Park, Philpott Reservoir and Fairystone Farms Wildlife Management Area.


A number of roads and trails throughout the interior invite foot travel throughout the year. Three parking areas have been developed. The parking lot at the entrance on Route 619 is open year round while two additional parking sites, one at Scout Pond and one near the center of the WMA, are available during hunting seasons.


Access to Turkeycock Wildlife Management Area from Martinsville is via State Route 108 north through Figsboro; then Route 890 north to the community of Snow Creek; and south on Route 619 to the area entrance.

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  • Henry County, Virginia

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