Utah Open Lands Conservation Association

Utah Open Lands (UOL) is a non-profit , tax-exempt organization charged with the mission to assist landowners in protecting the scenic, wildlife, historic, agricultural, and recreational values of open land in the state of Utah for the enjoyment of present and future generations. UOL is a non-governmental, non-political community based organization which utilizes educational outreach, donations of land and conservation easements, acquisitions of land and easements, and conservation buyers and investors to accomplish its goals of tangible land protection. By preserving open spaces, Utah Open Lands aids communities, investors, and government leaders interested in protecting Utah’s quality lifestyle.

Conservation Methods
The hallmark of UOL’s innovative tools is the conservation easement. A conservation easement is a binding, legal agreement entered into mutually by a landowner and Utah Open Lands for the purpose of protecting the special features of a property by restricting development. The land remains in private ownership while Utah Open Lands assures that the terms of the agreement are followed in perpetuity. The landowner can continue to live on and use the property, sell it, or pass it on to the next generation. Because the easement restricts the development rights of the property, the fair market value is reduced, which consequently lowers the estate taxes. Additionally, donors of conservation easements may receive a charitable deduction for their contribution and, therefore, income tax benefits.

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