Wallace Center at Winrock International

The Wallace Center supports entrepreneurs and communities as they build a new, 21st century food system that is healthier for people, the environment, and the economy. We do this by:

  • Cultivating learning networks and communities of practice
  • Bringing lessons to a broader audience
  • Identifying and piloting emerging models
    • We catalyze shifts in regional food systems thinking and practice, emphasizing market-based models that improve the health of economies, communities and the environment.  
  • Linking good food funders to on the ground work
  • Building food systems capacity through technical assistance

The Wallace Center leverages these strategies across all of our work, drawing on market-based approaches to bring more healthy, affordable, sustainably-produced food to all communities, by scaling up to wholesale, retail, and institutional outlets.


Contact Wallace Center at Winrock International

John Fisk
2121 Crystal Drive
Suite 500
Arlington, Virginia  22202
Phone: 703-302-6500
Cell Phone: 703-879-6556
Fax: 703-302-6512


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