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The Warwick Conservancy Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed under the laws of New York State. WCI is the only land trust whose preservation efforts are exclusively directed to the Town and Village of Warwick and their immediate surrounds. We work closely with the Orange County Land Trust, and share some Board members with them.

We are an all-volunteer group of Warwick residents who have come together in response to the pressure of ballooning land development in the past decade. Some of us were born here and can trace our ancestry in the area for generations. Others of us have come here in the last decades, and some are newly arrived. Newcomers and multi-generational residents are all here for the same reason: we are attracted to the rural community style of life in the Warwick Valley, where we maintain much of the natural beauty and – so far – adequate resources to continue our quality of life. Importantly, each of us appreciates the responsibilities of community and of being good neighbors.

We have noted the degradation of natural resources in the communities surrounding us and are willing to work hard to keep Warwick from this fate. We contribute money, time and expertise to this effort and invite you to join us.

Our structure consists of a governing board of voting Trustees and non-voting Advisors and many others who contribute to the conservation of open spaces. This includes a network of volunteers who assist the efforts of the Board in fund-raising, getting out mailings, research, and many other activities essential to our conservation work. Vitally important are those of you who continue to give so generously to our organization and campaigns, and those who make donations of land and place conservation easements on their properties, insuring our natural heritage.

Contact Warwick Conservancy

Contact Warwick Conservancy

Andy McLaughlin
92 Bittersweet Way
PO Box 1277
Warwick, New York  10990-8277
Phone: 845.986.8643


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