Western Rivers Conservancyupdated: July 2011

Western Rivers Conservancy protects outstanding river ecosystems in the western United States. We acquire land to conserve critical habitat, provide public access for compatible use and enjoyment, and cooperate with other agencies and organizations to secure the health of whole ecosystems.

In every corner of the American West is a stream that cries out for protection, because it is habitat for endangered fish and wildlife, because it is the scenic centerpiece of a community, or because it is a favorite haunt of boaters, anglers, and hikers. Western Rivers Conservancy answers those calls for help with one of the strongest tools for river protection: land acquisition.

Founded in 1988, Western Rivers Conservancy is the Nation's only conservation program dedicated solely to the protection of riverlands. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we operated for many years as a program of River Network but in 2001 took our place as an independent non-profit organization.

Western Rivers Conservancy has helped protect more than 50,000 acres of significant riverlands - on such rivers as the Snake, Smith, Hoh, Sandy, Madison and Chetco. River conservation requires sensitivity to the resource, respect for landowner's needs, flexibility to adjust to the situation, persistence and expertise. Western Rivers Conservancy has set the professional standard in dealing with issues unique to river corridors - issues of resource assessment, valuation, title, funding and management.

California Office:
 1418 20th Street, Ste. 100
 Sacramento, CA 95811
 (916) 930-0279

Montana Office:
302 Last Chance Gulch #404
 Helena, MT 59601

Contact Western Rivers Conservancy

Phillip Wallin
71 SW Oak Street
Suite 100
Portland, Oregon  97204
Phone: (503) 241-0151 x11
Fax: (503) 241-0374


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Statewide service provider in:
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