Weston Land Trust


The Weston Land Trust is a non-profit corporation which has been organized
exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, which include but are not
restricted to the following:



  • Promoting for the benefit of the general public the preservation and
    improvement of the natural resources in, but not limited to, the Town
    of Weston, Massachusetts
  • Cooperating with Town officials, boards, and other community based groups
    to provide suitable open spaces for recreation and conservation of land and to
    promote land uses that are compatible with inherent natural resource values.
  • Promoting responsible development of real estate and facilitating creative
    solutions in such a way as to maximize sound conservational practices within
    the Town of Weston, consistent with the rural character of the Town and the
    public interest.
  • Engaging in and promoting environmental education regarding natural resources
    in the area of land use and land use planning, and involving the community in
    such activities.
  • Working with private, institutional, and governmental landowners within the
    Town of Weston to encourage and facilitate protection of and creative land
    use planning for significant large parcels of open space within the Town.
  • Encouraging and promoting appropriate management of open space land.
  • Using all properties held and controlled by the Corporation and net earnings
    thereof for the benefit of the general public and for charitable, educational,
    recreational, conservation,community housing and historical purposes.

Contact Weston Land Trust

PO Box 424
Weston, Massachusetts  02493-0003
Phone: (781) 891-1163


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Massachusetts

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