Yggdrasil Land Foundationupdated: November 2016

Yggdrasil was incorporated in 2000, as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, to protect farmland and provide land access for individuals and communities that value and integrate sustainable agricultural practices.

Yggdrasil was founded with the vision of securing land in perpetuity for use as biodynamic and organic farms and  was brought into being by two gifts of land, one in California and one in Wisconsin.  Since that time, Yggdrasil has received an additional property in Wisconsin and one in New Hampshire, which was purchased with gifts raised by the community. The properties, totaling over 340 acres, are managed as organic and biodynamic farms under the diligent care of long-term farmers. 

Yggdrasil is chartered to receive land and hold conservation easements to preserve agricultural lands in perpetuity. Yggdrasil represents a new form of land preservation, the result of three organizations working in association to advance the viability of biodynamic, organic, and sustainable, farming and promote the renewal of the Earth as a foundation of community.

Contact Yggdrasil Land Foundation

Contact Yggdrasil Land Foundation

Val Esway
Yggdrasil Administrative Coordinator
1002A O’Reilly Avenue
San Francisco, California  94129
Phone: (415) 561-6165


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