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Assistance Opportunities
Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns announced that sign-up begins May 17, 2006, for four crop and livestock assistance programs providing aid to producers affected by the destructive 2005 hurricanes. There will be $2.8 billion in aid to assist victims of the 2005 hurricane season. USDA will provide $1.2 billion in aid to agricultural producers;primarily in Alabama, Florida,Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina,and Texas. USDA will provide disaster payments to farmers,ranchers and others through these programs. Programs are offered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Of that amount, $300 million in Emergency Watershed Protection Program funds will be used to provide technical and financial assistance to help communities and landowners address public safety and restoration efforts on private lands in six states.
The breakdown of funding by state is:

State Total Funding
Alabama $23,100,000
Florida $67,800,000
Louisiana $88,740,000
Mississippi $107,286,500
Tennessee $377,500
Texas $12,696,000
TOTAL $300,000,000
  1. Emergency Forestry Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
    Through various appropriations bills there is $504.1 million available for CRP projects to offset merchantable timber losses on private non-industrial forests. Owners of land must have experienced at least a 35 percent loss of merchantable timber. Sign-up Begins June 19, 2006
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  2. Emergency Conservation Program (ECP)
    will provide assistance to to private nonindustrial forest landowners for cleanup and downed timber removal and disposing of debris and animal carcasses that could adversely affect health and safety on non-Federal land in a hurricane-affected county with a maximum payment of $150 per acre.

  3. Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP)
    2006 Defense Appropriations Act provides supplemental funding of $300 million for EWP to repair damages resulting from hurricanes that occurred during calendar year 2005.
  4. Longleaf Pine Initiative of the Conservation Reserve Program
    Incentives for longleaf pine restoration have just been significantly bolstered by USDA’s October announcement of a new 250,000-acre continuous enrollment category for longleaf pine under the Conservation Reserve Program.
  5. Tree Indemnity Program
    provides payments to eligible owners of commercially grown fruit trees, nut trees, bushes, and vines which produce an annual crop and that were lost or damaged.

  6. Feed Indemnity Program
    provides payments to eligible livestock owners or cash lessees who suffered feed losses or increased feed costs as a result of an eligible hurricane.

  7. Hurricane Indemnity Program
    provides payments to eligible agricultural producers who suffered crop losses and received a crop insurance indemnity or Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program payment.

  8. Livestock Indemnity Program
    provides payments to eligible livestock owners and contract growers who suffered eligible livestock deaths.

  9. Hurricane Wildlife Relief Fund
    The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has created a grant program to restore wildlife and habitats damaged by hurricanes.

Information and help in applying for emergency assistance is available at the FSA county office serving your area. Click to find your local FSA office in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, or Mississippi


Regional Providers

Consultants - Land
Cuba Timber Company, Inc.
Melisa V. Love
Mark Anderson

Certified Appraisers
Peter M. McEnery, MAI
Camille A. Smith, MAI
Robert J. Sagona, SRA

Kenneth T. Chatham, II
William Terry
Ralph L. Jowett Jr.

USDA Programs - Other
Mack McCraney
Charles Miniex
Cathy Accardo

USDA - NRCS Programs
Alabama Environmental Quality Incentives Program
Natural Resources Conservation Service Louisiana
Louisiana Gulf of Mexico Initiative (GoMI)

State Funding / Technical Resources
Louisiana Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)
Forestry Productivity Program
Commodity Promotion and Research - LDAF

Department of Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service Programs
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Louisiana
Southeast Louisiana Refuges
Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Conservation Districts
Acadia SWCD
LaSalle SWCD
Highlands SWCD

Seed / Seedling Suppliers
Indian Lake Nursery, Inc.
Southern Seedlings
DeepSouth Pine Nursery, Inc.

Tree Planting Vendors
American Forestry Service
Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Association
Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Cooperative Extension
Beauregard Parish Extension
Panola County Extension Office
Franklin County Extension

Native Species Nurseries
Keenan Nursery
Zydeco Louisiana Iris Garden
The Southern Christmas Tree Association

Wildlife / Habitat Specialists
Aaron S. Bass
Paul M. LeBlanc, III
Matthew N. Walters

Anthony V. Foster JR
Jack E. Barron
Wayne P. Woodworth

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